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The HPCUS is a group of volunteers, committed to protecting access to safe and high quality homeopathic medicine. We have a lot of work ahead of us and your participation will enhance our efforts.

Homeopathic medicines are safe because we have evaluated potential toxicity according to internationally accepted standards and then set the potencies that are safe for use.

Homeopathic medicines listed in the HPUS are available today because they meet those and other standards that are uniquely applicable to homeopathy. We also create instructions that manufacturers should follow to meet the standards that satisfy the FDA.

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Homeopathy faces significant challenges

There are several challenges facing the HPCUS, as well as more general challenges for Homeopathy. These will be addressed in the Friends program. For example, in the last 12 years, the environment has become more complicated for homeopathy in general, particularly for the overall homeopathic industry, and for the Convention. None are insurmountable. All can be addressed and overcome when we work together.

01The FDA is paying more attention to homeopathy

As the number of people using homeopathic medicines has increased, the FDA has appropriately paid more attention to its regulations for "Good Manufacturing Practices" and their enforcement. Internationally accepted guidelines for the manufacture of all drugs have always required that all manufacturers have adequate quality systems. Such systems are expensive and require rigorous ongoing documentation.

02Regulation of all drug products has evolved

FDA’s regulatory standards have evolved with changes in pharmaceutical science and technology. Those standards are appropriate for conventional drug products. However, they can be problematic when applied to certain unique aspects of homeopathic drug manufacturing. In response, the Convention has expanded its efforts to harmonize with those standards of FDA which are appropriate, while continuing to preserve the uniqueness of homeopathy.

03Outside consultants are needed

The Convention’s volunteers all have expertise in aspects related to homeopathic drug product manufacture and use. The above challenges have created a need for hiring outside consultants with other expertise to address our ongoing work with the FDA. However, this need coincides with a decrease in outside funding that previously supported such efforts.

04Number of Manufacturers has decreased

The overall homeopathic industry has seen remarkable shifts in the makeup of firms actively engaged in producing homeopathic drug products, with a more than 50% change in companies during the last 5-7 years. More companies are marketing and fewer are manufacturing. One hidden result has been a loss of capacity in the manufacturing sector which impacts the consumer's access directly because it creates a lack of availability of some products. It affects the Convention due to a loss of firms subscribing to the HPUS. In addition, it results in a smaller pool of expertise within the industry that can provide meaningful information and ideas for issues affecting the Convention.

05Legal Challenges must be defended

The Center for Inquiry ( is a very well-funded, self-styled consumer advocacy group that publicly opposes homeopathic medicine. Among other efforts, they file a variety of lawsuits whose goal is to deny millions of Americans the right to choose homeopathic medicines. Defending these suits drains significant time, energy, and money from manufacturers and the HPCUS that could be better used to promote health through homeopathy. Other lawsuits, as well as FDA actions against manufacturers, target the quality of homeopathic products. The HPCUS publishes guidelines for quality manufacturing. We work in good faith with the FDA to create science-based rational guidelines that are achievable for manufacturers and enable the FDA to fulfill its duty to the American people to ensure that our medicines are safe.

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You Can Help Secure The Future of Homeopathy

We are reaching out to you, our Homeopathic Community of talented and skilled practitioners, educators, students, home-prescribers, and others, to work together with us. By becoming a Friend of the Pharmacopoeia:

  • You will receive accurate and timely updates on the status of homeopathic medicines.
  • You will have the opportunity to comment, to share your ideas, and to offer your insights and we will respond.   We want to hear from you!
  • You will have the opportunity to provide us with your skill sets which may enable us to construct a volunteer program and maximize our impact.
  • Your participation could lead to involvement in policy making and in governance levels at the HPCUS. We need new members from within the Homeopathic Community.

An annual membership in the Friends of the Pharmacopoeia is $35. If this is unaffordable, the National Center for Homeopathy and one anonymous donor have stepped forward to support 150 Friends for a one-year membership.

Becoming a Friend does NOT grant access to either Drug Monographs or Good Manufacturing Practices contained in the HPUS.  A Subscription is required for such access.

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  • If this is unaffordable, the National Center for Homeopathy and an anonymous donor have stepped forward to support 150 Friends for one-year membership.
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