Monograph Committees

The Monograph Review Committee 

The Pharmacopeia Revision Committee 

These two committees have complementary roles, each with a different focus in the review of sponsored or the re-review of existing monographs.  The Monograph Review Committee (MRC) is staffed with experts who, together, have broad experience in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines.  They bring their expertise to the review of documentation submitted in support of the inclusion of a new monograph into the HPUS.  This documentation covers the identification and characteristics of the substance under consideration, along with a review of submitted quality tests and criteria, as well as stability information.  A guiding question in this multifaceted review is whether the proposed substance can be manufactured in a consistent manner based on the material utilized in the Provings and other clinical documentation submitted by the monograph’s sponsor.  The MRC may also request the Standards & Controls or the Toxicity & Safety Committee’s input on questions that are best answered by their respective expertise.  Upon request, the MRC will also re-review existing monographed materials, especially when new information about the original proving material comes to light. 

The Pharmacopeia Revision Committee (PRC) is composed of clinicians with varying backgrounds in homeopathic practice.  This allows the PRC to review the submitted Proving and other clinical documentation to determine if the submission meets the Criteria for Eligibility.  The clinicians’ focus is on determining if there is a symptom picture that is characteristic for the substance, and which would provide practitioners with sufficient information to be able to utilize the substance in a homeopathic manner.  Like the MRC, the PRC may also undertake a re-review of an existing monographed substance’s therapeutic information should circumstances warrant such a reassessment. Both the MRC and the PRC forward to the Board their independent recommendations, along with their detailed rationale, regarding the potential inclusion of the submitted substance into the HPUS.  The bylaws of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States place the responsibility for the final decision on the Board of Directors.  For a brief step-by-step description of the evaluation process for a new or extant monograph, see the HPUS Monograph Submission and Review Procedure.