Submitting a Monograph

Technical Information Requirements For Monograph Review

Approved April 2014

2. Administrative

  1. Cover letters
    Cover letters shall be addressed to the Editor of the HPCUS
    Description of what the sponsor is requesting of the HPCUS and the MRC.
  2. Contact Information
    Corporate name, address, Phone number
    Contact/agent, phone number, street and email addresses.
  3. Presentation, Content and Format
    Proposed monograph shall include both a descriptive section (Main monograph) and a Quality section (Standards and Controls monograph) in the format described by the Editor.
    Documentation supporting the Main and Standards and Controls monographs shall be presented in a format consistent with the Report Format and Content (see Section 11).
    Navigation – Submissions shall be in electronic format with an active table of contents
Foreward General Information